Super Tux: Linux’s Super Mario

I have recently spent some time reliving my son’s childhood. While I was already an adult when Nintendo came out with the Super Mario World, my son was just a little guy, and he spent hours playing Super Mario. I played with him, although I must admit, he was way better at it than I was. I’m not a big gamer, but I do enjoy simple games that are fun without being too complex.

One Saturday afternoon I decided I needed to find a fun game to play. I began looking through Linux Mint’s Program Manager, and I came across a game called Super Tux, which promised me a Super Mario type experience. I installed it and began to play. I must say, I was not disappointed.

The game has many options, as well as being able to customize the game controls. You can play the game in a window or full screen. Take some time with the full screen and find a resolution that looks best with your screen and video card.

The game features Tux the penguin rather than an Italian plumper. Little snowballs, ice cubes, and bouncing, spiked metal balls try to keep you from your task, which is to save the lovely purple female penguin that has been kidnapped.

Just like Super Mario, you have worlds that are broken down into levels. You play through the world and then defeat the boss at the end.

You have to work your way through each of the levels. You can get ice balls that makes Tux Super Tux (a big Tux). There are also flowers that allow him to spit fire balls and invincibility stars. I rightly enjoyed the game, and it took me back to playing with my son.

Super Tux is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can download it from their website, or on Linux check to see whether it is available in your package manager.


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