Windows 7 Snipping Tool


For my home computing I mostly use Linux, but at work I use Windows 7. I also own a Windows 7 laptop. I often wished Windows 7 had a screen capture program like most Linux distros. For the longest time, I thought the only way to get a screen shot or snippet was by using SHIFT-CTRL-Print Screen, or installing some third party program. Then I discovered the Windows Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool is a handy little utility for capturing part or all of your screen.

The Options


The Snipping Tool has several options. The most notable are the ability to copy snips to the Clipboard and including the URL for Internet snips.

Snip Types


The Snipping Tool captures four different types of snips.

Free-Form Snip – Allows you to draw around the area you want to snip.

Rectangular Snip – Allows you to draw a rectangle around the area you want to snip.

Window Snip – Allows you to select any open window on your screen to capture.

Full-Screen Snip – Pretty self explanatory, it captures the entire screen.



Once you capture your snip, the Snipping Tool displays your snip in an editor window. The editor window lets you highlight portions of your image or mark it up with a pen tool. From the editor you can save the image, copy the changes to the clipboard, or email the image.


The Snipping Tool is a nice, simple little tool for creating screen snips in Windows 7. Best of all, it comes with the OS, so there is no program to install… it is already there.


2 comments on “Windows 7 Snipping Tool

  1. Another tool that helps in remembering the steps to be performed for a task is the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.exe). PSR.exe also comes with the OS.

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