5 Quick Searches You Can Do with Google Search

Google has set the bar for search engines, and through the years, many have tried to dethrone Google as the king of web search. Each new search engine seemed to have a unique approach to things, and in the process, Google would rolled similar features into its engine. Google has become such an Internet staple that when someone at the office ask a question that no one knows someone says “Look it up”, which means going to Google.

Sometimes, you need the answer to something simple, and Google can give you that, too. In this article, I will give my 5 favorite quick searches.

Google as a Dictionary


Many times, I am reading or writing and need to know the meaning of a word or whether I am using the correct word. Hop over to Google and type in

define word

This will give me the definition of the word. If I misspell the word, Google will take a guess at the word I was looking for. The first entry in the search is a short definition of the word. There is also an expansion arrow to get more information, like origin, usage, and translation.



Need a quick weather forecast? Type in

weather city

or for your local forecast

today’s weather

Google will give you the forecast for the day. By default you get the temperature predictions for the day, but you can also switch to precipitation to find out when is the greatest chance for rain (or snow). Going sailing on the lake? Switch to the wind forecast to see if that is a good idea.



Need to know the time in London? New York? Roswell? Seoul? Just type

time city

This can save you from waking up some poor soul by calling too late or too early. Especially if you are calling someplace on the other side of the world, like Seoul, South Korea which is 13 or 14 hours ahead of US eastern time (depending on daylight savings).

Set a Timer


Need a timer to alert you when a certain amount of time has expired or at a specific time? Google can do that, too. The basics are

set timer for time

Where time is formatted as any of the following: 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6:16PM, 18:00, 10 min, etc.



Need a quick calculator and you already have your browser open? Just type calculator into the Google search box and you get a calculator. A little limited, but it is more than just a basic calculator. One nice thing is it shows you the equation you entered above the answer.


There you have it! My favorite 5 quick things you can do on Google search. Have fun and Google on!


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