Clip Art Resources for LibreOffice


If you read my article in Full Circle Magazine issue 82, you may wonder where you can find some free clip art to fill your LibreOffice Gallery. I have a few recommendations that include a website, some Ubuntu packages, and some extensions.


OpenClipArt.Org is free resource for clip art with thousands of images from hundreds of artist. When I created a newsletter at a previous job, I used OpenClipArt.Org as one of my primary resources for clip art.

You can explore the images by artists, collections (which you can also download), and categories. You can also search all the images by keywords using the search box.

The collection screen allows you to download individual images from collections as well as entire collections. At the bottom of the page you will find packages you can download. Pay attention to the image count because some of the packages are very large. There is also a link to a download repository with even more packages.

The site also has coloring book collections, recommended apps, and you can even edit the images at ImageBot before downloading.

Ubuntu Packages

If you are running Ubuntu or one of its derivatives, you can download the openclipart-libreoffice package. This package adds many images to your Gallery by theme. The command to install the package is

sudo apt-get install openclipart-libreoffice

There is also an openclipart2-libreoffice package, but in this package the clip art is organized by artist rather than by subject.


If you’re not running Ubuntu or you just need more clip art, I have two more resources for you. Both OpenOffice and LibreOffice’s websites have a wealth of extensions that work with both programs. Among these extensions, you can find clip art collections. Download and install the extension to add the collection to your Gallery. The easiest way to find them is to do a search for “clip art.”

OpenOffice Extensions:

LibreOffice Extensions:

Installing Extensions

To install an extension, you first need to download the extension file to your computer. In LibreOffice, Tools > Extension Manager brings up the extension Manager. Click on the “Add” button. A file dialog will display. Navigate to the folder where you saved the extension file and select the file. Click “Open.” Follow any installation prompts presented by the extension.

I hope this helps in your quest for free clip art. Read my article in Full Circle issue 82 for more information about the Gallery and adding the clip art you download from the web to your Gallery.

One comment on “Clip Art Resources for LibreOffice

  1. If you’re hoping to create network topology diagrams, it helps if all the shapes are designed in the same style. OpenClipArt goes a long way, but these from VRT Systems also provide a good starting point if you like the style used by MS Visio and its isometric shapes, or the more recent ‘dark’ shapes put out by VMware. See for a full overview, or find straight from or

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