As a technical support representative for an international access control company, technology is my job. I spend hours helping others troubleshoot electronic hardware and computer software. I am a geek at heart and enjoy computers and electronics even when I am away from the job. I enjoy hobby programming, electronics, and writing. While combing the Internet, I have found a lot of tools and projects that feed my enjoyment of computer geekdom.

This blog is a way to share some of the things I’m doing and learning along the way. I sometimes pass through phases, keying in on one technology or topic for a while, and then moving on to something else. I am not an expert in all these, but do have practical experience with them. I always test all scripts, setups, etc that I write about on my own computers before passing them on to you. So, I will share with you my tech journal and my new discoveries and current tech phase. Enjoy!


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  1. John Hart says:

    Enjoyed your article in FullCircle issue 101 on the LibreOffice Impress presenter console. You mentioned that usually your podium is too small for the use of a mouse. When I do presentations I use a wireless ‘presenter’ that has a button for forward, reverse, and a laser pointer and two other buttons I don’t use. I find using the presenter allows me to move around the room and be closer to the students at times.

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