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This page contains other technology writing I have done for other people and where to find them.

Full Circle Magazine

Full Circle is a free, independent, monthly magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of Linux operating systems. Each month, it contains helpful how-to articles and reader submitted stories.

Full Circle also features a companion podcast, the Full Circle Podcast, which covers the magazine along with other news of interest.

I am currently writing a series of articles for Full Circle on LibreOffice, an open source office suite. Below you will find a list of the issues with my articles and a link to the issue.

Special Edition Collections

The following are collections of my LibreOffice articles in Full Circle.

LibreOffice Special Edition Vol 1 (Parts 1-7)

LibreOffice Special Edition Vol 2 (Parts 8-16)

LibreOffice Special Edition Vol 3 (Parts 17-26)

LibreOffice Special Edition Vol 4 (Parts 27-36)

Individual Articles

Issue 46, LibreOffice-Part 1

This article was an introduction to the series and LibreOffice.

Issue 47, LibreOffice-Part 2

This article was about making manual formatting adjustments in LibreOffice Writer.

Issue 48, LibreOffice-Part 3

This article was about formatting LibreOffice Writer using styles.

Issue 49, LibreOffice-Part 4

This article was about using Frames for layout in a LibreOffice Writer document.

Issue 50, LibreOffice-Part 5

In this article, I discuss using Section in LibreOffice Writer.

Issue 51, LibreOffice-Part 6

In this issue, I show you how to use LibreOffice Writer’s page styles, headers, and footers.

Issue 52, LibreOffice-Part 7

This article is about creating a poor man’s database in Calc and using mail merge in Writer.

Issue 53, LibreOffice-Part 8

This article is an introduction to LibreOffice Calc. We begin working on a budget spreadsheet.

Issue 55, LibreOffice-Part 9

This article is about creating formulas in LibreOffice Calc.

Issue 56, LibreOffice-Part 10

In this article, I continue the work on the budget spreadsheet and how to use formulas in LibreOffice Calc.

Issue 57, LibreOffice-Part 11

This article is about using styles in LibreOffice Calc to make our budget spreadsheet easier to read and use.

Issue 58, LibreOffice-Part 12

In this article I show you how to format and print your budget spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc.

Issue 59, LibreOffice-Part 13

My top 10 tips for LibreOffice Calc.

Issue 60, LibreOffice-Part 14

Charts and graphs in LibreOffice Calc.

Issue 62, LibreOffice-Part 15

An introduction to LibreOffice Impress.

Issue 63, LibreOffice-Part 16

LibreOffice Impress master pages.

Issue 64, LibreOffice-Part 17

LibreOffice recording macros.

Issue 65, LibreOffice-Part 18

LibreOffice Impress transitions and animations.

Issue 66, LibreOffice-Part 19

Introduction to LibreOffice Base.

Issue 67, LibreOffice-Part 20

Creating a LibreOffice Base database.

Issue 68, LibreOffice-Part 21

LibreOffice Base input forms.

Issue 69, LibreOffice-Part 22

LibreOffice Base queries and reports.

Issue 70, LibreOffice-Part 23

LibreOffice Base Forms & Macros.

Issue 71, LibreOffice-Part 24

Introduction to LibreOffice Math.

Issue 72, LibreOffice-Part 25

LibreOffice Math formula layout.

Issue 73, LibreOffice-Part 26

LibreOffice Math formulas in Writer.

Issue 74, LibreOffice-Part 27

Introduction to LibreOffice Draw.

Issue 75, LibreOffice-Part 28

LibreOffice Draw Basic Shapes.

Issue 76, LibreOffice-Part 29

Creating Draw polygon, arcs, and curves.

Issue 77, LibreOffice-Part 30

Editing objects in Draw.

Issue 78, LibreOffice-Part 31

LibreOffice templates.

Issue 79, LibreOffice-Part 32

Setting up and using the Impress Remote app on your phone or tablet.

Issue 80, LibreOffice-Part 33

Connect LibreOffice Base to a MySQL database.

Issue 81, LibreOffice-Part 34

Using the new experimental LibreOffice sidebar.

Issue 82, LibreOffice-Part 35

Using and Managing the LibreOffice Gallery.

Issue 83, LibreOffice-Part 36

Creating Views in LibreOffice Base.

Issue 85, LibreOffice-Part 37

Making improvements to our LibreOffice Base forms.

Check back every month, as this is a continuing series.


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