Clip Art Resources for LibreOffice


If you read my article in Full Circle Magazine issue 82, you may wonder where you can find some free clip art to fill your LibreOffice Gallery. I have a few recommendations that include a website, some Ubuntu packages, and some extensions. Continue reading


MegaGallery, Part 7: Finishing Touches (jQuery)

In this post, we will finish up with the MegaGallery series. I wanted to add some hover effects to the thumbnails, and also protect the images from people who will right-click and save-as on the images. If you want to seel the images in the gallery, disabling the right-click is a good way to protect you images. NOTE: Someone could still right-click with javascript turned off; so, this is not a perfect solution. Continue reading

MegaGallery, Part 6: Pagination with PHP

Pagination, for our purpose here, is the system of numbering pages. With a very large gallery, you will want to break it down into page size elements to keep the viewer from having to scroll through a long, single page of images. We will do this with PHP in order for it to work even when javascript is disabled. Continue reading