MegaGallery, Part 7: Finishing Touches (jQuery)

In this post, we will finish up with the MegaGallery series. I wanted to add some hover effects to the thumbnails, and also protect the images from people who will right-click and save-as on the images. If you want to seel the images in the gallery, disabling the right-click is a good way to protect you images. NOTE: Someone could still right-click with javascript turned off; so, this is not a perfect solution. Continue reading


MegaGallery, Part 1: Slimbox

I have never used Slimbox before; so, right out of the box, I wanted to make sure I could get it to work. Slimbox2 is a plugin for jQuery for displaying images in an overlay window. You have probably seen the overlay effect before (some sites use it an annoying answer to pop-up ad blockers). Continue reading

MegaGallery: Introduction

In the MegaGallery project, I decided I needed a quicker and easier way to create photo galleries. I wanted to stay away from Flash, Java, and Silverlight. Most of the script based galleries were bulky or complicated. Any previous gallery templates I had created took a lot of work creating thumbnails, etc. I knew Slimbox was a great way to display images. I combed the pages of the PHP API for answers to many of my image manipulation needs. In the next several blog entries, I will share with you my research, process, and results on this project.

My goal for this project is to make the photo gallery reusable and easy to implement.

We will be using jQuery, Slimbox for jQuery, and PHP for this project. We may use other jQuery plug-ins as needed.

MegaGallery Source Code