PHP Thumbnails on the Fly

In the MegaGallery project, we used the EXIF library in PHP to extract the thumbnails from the image itself. However, what do we do if we do not have EXIF installed or available through our web server provider? One possibility is to use the GD library. The GD library will allow us to create a thumbnail using the image itself. Continue reading


MegaGallery, Part 7: Finishing Touches (jQuery)

In this post, we will finish up with the MegaGallery series. I wanted to add some hover effects to the thumbnails, and also protect the images from people who will right-click and save-as on the images. If you want to seel the images in the gallery, disabling the right-click is a good way to protect you images. NOTE: Someone could still right-click with javascript turned off; so, this is not a perfect solution. Continue reading

MegaGallery, Part 5: Customization

So far, we have a pretty nice looking photo gallery, but if you will remember in my introduction to this project, I wanted to create a gallery model that was reusable and easy to implement. In this post, we will take our first steps toward easy customization of our gallery. Continue reading

MegaGallery, Part 4: Automation with PHP

The next step in our MegaGallery project is to use the power of PHP to automate much of the work for us. With a gallery of 5-10 images, setting up each of the links to the images would not take a lot of work, but with a gallery of 20, 50, or more, you would spend hours just setting up the links and thumbnails.

For this part of the project, we will use FastTemplate to help us put everything together quickly. There are better PHP template frameworks out there, like SMARTY, but SMARTY is overkill for this project. (While writing this post, I could not get a connection to the SMARTY homepage. Not sure what that is all about.) Continue reading

MegaGallery, Part 3: Dress It Up with CSS

In part 3 of the MegaGallery project, we will takes the first steps in dressing up our gallery. Up to this point, I have been more concerned with the programming side of the project, which is where I often start. We have reached a point now where some style and design is a good idea before continuing with programming. Continue reading

MegaGallery, Part 1: Slimbox

I have never used Slimbox before; so, right out of the box, I wanted to make sure I could get it to work. Slimbox2 is a plugin for jQuery for displaying images in an overlay window. You have probably seen the overlay effect before (some sites use it an annoying answer to pop-up ad blockers). Continue reading