LibreOffice Base SQL: Logical Operators

Today, I will continue the discussion of SQL queries by discussing the the logical operators available to narrow or broaden a search. The SQL in this post is based on the “TeamMembers” database. For instructions on setting up the database in LibreOffice and a short description of the database and tables, see the post at

Rehashing AND and OR

In the post on Updating and Deleting Records, I wrote about using AND and OR to combine multiple conditions for a WHERE clause. This allows us to answer questions based on more than one field in the table. As I showed in the post, this allows us to narrow or broaden our target data closer to what we want.

Order of Precedence

Just like in mathematics, the logical operators in SQL have an order of precedence. What that means is that conditions related to certain operators are evaluated before the others regardless of their order. Here is the operator order

  • Brackets ()
  • NOT
  • AND

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