Outlined Text in GIMP

For my second screencast, I will show you one technique for create an outline around you text in GIMP.

Outlined Text in GIMP by E. E. Perry on Vimeo


Resizing Images

Quite often, in programming and dealing with images, it becomes necessary to resize the image without distorting its aspect ratio. Since the width and height of an image is a ratio, we can use the fundamental rule of proportions to resize the image. Continue reading

Bump Maps in GiMP

For my first video post on Elmer’s Sandbox, a video tutorial on creating bump maps in GiMP. Bump maps are a great way to give texture and dimension to your graphics and photos. This 9 minute video only scratches the surface of what bump maps can do. Perhaps I will revisit bump maps at another time, and show you how to create your own graffiti. Continue reading